After Istation

When you're done with iStation, you may pick one of these -

Teach Your Monster

Education Galaxy

Words, Patterns and Addition

1. Word Castle 

2. Bubble Fun Math ( Get to Level 5)

3. Who's Missing?

4. Code Breaker (Get to Level 9)

5. Cyber Pattern Player (Try 3 different patterns for each)

6. Math Stack

PLC III: Place Value and Subtraction

1. Place Value

2. Count Back, Number Line

3. Teach Your MonsterEducation Galaxy or Big Brainz

Life Cycle of a Frog, Addition and Subtraction

1. Life Cycle Movie

2. The Life Cycle of a Frog

3. Frog Life-Cycle Game

4. Identify Frog Life Cycle Stages Game

5. Count to 100

6. Beginning Sounds

7. Big Brainz, Education Galaxy or Teach Your Monster