PLC III: Sounds, Books and Order

1. Make a Match

2. Crossword Puzzle

3. Word Problems: More or Less

4. Teach Your MonsterEducation Galaxy or Big Brainz

Kindergarten Computer Time

After your first activity, you may pick one of these for your second activity:

Teach Your Monster

Education Galaxy

Big Brainz

Words, Living and Non Living and Plants

1. Make a Match

2. Living and Non-Living

3. Get Growing

4. Blends

5. Education Galaxy

PLC II: Sounds and Reading

1. Skating Penguins

2. Make a Match

3. Teach Your Monster

PLC Special I: Keyboarding ABCs and Reading

1. Keyboard Zoo

2. Connect the Dots ABC

3. Teach Your Monster to Read

Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy

Teach Your Monster

PLC Special III

1. Princess Presto's Spelling

2. Make a Match - Long Vowell

3. Teach Your Monster

Rhyming and Comparing Numbers

1. Washing Time Rhymes

2. ABC Match

3. Cloudy Day Word Play

4. Balloon Pop Numbers: Compare Numbers

5. Compose Shapes

6. Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy

PLC Special: Sounds and Reading

1. The Easel Game

2. Long Vowell: Make a Match

3. Teach Your Monster