PLC Special: Keyboarding ABCs and Reading

1. Connect the Dots ABC

2. Space Typewriter

3. Teach Your Monster to Read

Letters and Reading

1. Keyboard Zoo

2. Pop Up Toaster

3. Teach Your Monster to Read

Keyboarding, Words and Counting

1. Squirrel Typing Game

2. The Easel Game

3. Alphabet Order

4. The Counting Fish

5. Caterpillar Count

6. Fun to Learn Numbers

Words, Counting and Education Galaxy

1. The Easel Game

2. Alphabet Order

3. The Counting Fish

4. Caterpillar Count

5. Education Galaxy

Thanksgiving, Comparison and Big Brainz

1. They Were the Pilgrims

2. Balloon Pop Comparison

3. Balloon Pop Order

4. Picture Hunt

5. Big Brainz

BookFlix, Comparing Numbers and Rhymes

1. BookFlix

2. Balloon Pop Comparison

3. Balloon Pop Order

4. Listen and Match

5. Frog's Rhyming Machine

6. Word Rhyme

Rhyming Words, BookFlix and Matching Sounds

1. Seesaw - Rhyming Words That End with -At

2. BookFlix

3. Listen and Match

4. Frog's Rhyming Machine

5. Word Rhyme

Addition, Alphabet and Animal Homes

1. Addition with Manipulatives

2. How the Alphabet Got Its Order

3. Alphabricks

4. Alphabet Poster

5. House Hunt

6.  Painting Page

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read

Letters and Reading

1. Keyboard Zoo

2. Pop Up Toaster

3. Teach Your Monster to Read